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Resiquim S.A., for the past 23 years of trajectory in the country, we have seen the development of our customers, and we has also developed with them. We are conscious that they are the main factor of our constant improvement. The surveys talks by its own: the 98.3% of our customers are completely satisfied with our job. Because of that, we are glad to say that our best reference, are our clients.


Resiquim S.A. is always seeking to offer the better service of the markent, and also to always offer an aggregated value to his customers. For that reason, we established strategic alliances to assure your product for the time that you require it. Get to know our alliances designed with the goal of accomplish the demands of the market.

Resiquim S.A. counts with a large amount of trucks with specially-designed characteristics to satisfy your demands. We count with a full equipment of security, needed to protect the physical integrity of the products of our customers. Resiquim S.A. also counts with specialized professionals in the operative branch, that results in the efficiency that has been always characterizing our service at the delivery time.

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